General-purpose Profiles

General-purpose Profiles

ALUMASH has created and is constantly developing a catalog of general-purpose profiles, which includes the most frequently used standard profiles. For these profiles, we always have the necessary tools and equipment, so they are manufactured and delivered in the shortest possible time.

Our catalog of standard profiles

Includes the following types of profiles with different cross-sectional dimensions:



Equal leg angles

Unequal leg angles

Square pipes

Round pipes

Square bars

Round bars

Standard aluminum profiles are usually made of European aluminum alloy EN AW-6060 (Ukrainian analogue – AD31 alloy) with dimensional and shape tolerances, according to European standards EN 755 and EN 12020 (Ukrainian analogue – DSTU B V.2.6-3-95).

Standard profiles are usually supplied without additional surface treatment. Upon customer’s request, they can be supplied with powder or anodic coating.

If necessary, ALUMASH can work with other grades and alloys of aluminum from the following series:

  • Al (1ххх)
  • Аl-Mn (3ххх)
  • Аl-Мg (5ххх)
  • Al-Mg-Si (6ххх)
  • Al-Zn (7xxx)

Our commercial and technical services will help you choose the right alloy and the right coating for your project.