Tekno Facade is a classic column-beam system for glazing building facades and making translucent
roofs. The simplicity and versatility of its design makes it easy to carry out complex architectural forms and provides buildings with maximum daylight. According to the structural elements used and the glazing methods, the

Tekno Facade system has three options:

Tekno Facade 50;
Tekno Facade 50 S;
Tekno Facade 50 PS.


The facade system is intended for the design and manufacture of translucent curtain walls. The load-bearing elements of the structure are columns and beams of box-shaped cross-section. The filling elements can be single glass, insulating glass units, sandwich panels, as well as polycarbonate panels. External decorative flat pressing elements are 36 mm wide.


Tekno Facade 50 ПС is a semi-structural version of the Tekno Facade system with the external fastening of insulating glass units 36 mm wide; it includes integrated, hidden, openable leaves, which creates the visual effect of a flat glass wall.

The Tekno Facade system has a wide variety of profiles, gaskets, accessories, and fixtures that make it easy to manufacture and to install translucent facades and roofs for the most daring architectural solutions, as well as provide resistance to the specified design wind and other loads.

The specified values of heat transfer of translucent walls and roofs are ensured by using a set of thermal insulating inserts made of PVC or foamed polyethylene, as well as the ability to install effective insulating glass units up to 52 mm thick.

High air and water tightness of the facade is ensured by a system of specially designed EPDM gaskets, as well as by pressure equalization and drainage systems.

All fastening elements are made of stainless steel A2 or A4, which eliminates corrosion and provides structures with long service life.

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