System 45 P

System 45 P

An economical system for creating internal partitions of offices, shops, and exhibition halls, as well as for dividing large open areas into functional areas or workplaces, for separating industrial premises from administrative ones. Application as filling of single and double glass, transparent, translucent, and opaque panels, as well as the arrangement of partition sections at an angle from 90º up to 180º gives ample opportunities to revitalize the interior and to meet the requirements for lighting, sound and visual insulation. The modular principle of assembling structures ensures quick and easy installation.


Basic dimensions:
thickness of cross-section – 45 mm
depth of glass and panel rabbet – 22 mm
Glass and infill panels:
two glasses thick 4-6 mm
glass or panel – from 4 to 30 mm


Economical system for producing of interior partition walls of offices, shops and exhibitions halls as well as splitting of large building spaces on functional zones or worksites, separation of production and administrative areas. Use of single and double glasses; transparent, translucent or opaque infill panels, as well as arrangement of wall sections at the angle from 90° to 180° gives huge possibilities to make the interior livelier and to provide fulfillment of requirements for illuminance and sound and visual insulation. Modular principle of assembling of sections ensures fastness and simplicity of the montage.

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