System 50

System 50

The system is intended for the manufacture of windows and doors with one or more leaves, both for cold premises and inside warm ones. The filling can be single glass, insulating glass units, aluminum lining, or sandwich panel. Filling thickness is up to 36 mm.


Air-water and seal type:
open-drained joint and overlap
Glass applications:
with normal or rounded glass stop with 45° or 90° cuts
Glass chamber:
variable according to the sections used
Basic dimensions of the system:
52 mm cross-section fixed frame;
60 mm cross-section casement frame
Distance between fixed frame and casement frame:
5 mm
Distance on the central node:
5 mm
Glass rebate cleat:
22 mm
Wall rebate cleat:
22 mm


This system allows implementing: windows, casement doors, doors with one or more casement frame. With the full range of accessories it is possible to implement hopper, horizontal pivoted, tilt-and-turn windows.

The drainage system

The central gasket of the open-drained joint located in a sheltered position, delimits a large-sized pre-chamber. This ensures excellent seal under heavy conditions also.

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