System 73 TI

System 73 TI

The system is intended for the manufacture of thermally insulated windows and doors with one or more leaves. Thermal insulation is implemented by inserting two polyamide strips 34mm wide reinforced with fiberglass. The filling can be an insulating glass unit, aluminum lining, or a sandwich panel. The filling thickness is up to 54 mm


Air-water and seal type:
open-drained joint and overlap
Thermal break:
realized with two continuous polyamide battens with glass fibre reinforcement
Glass applications:
glass bead with 45o or 90o cuts
Glass chamber:
variable, according to the section used
Basic dimensions of the system:
73 mm cross-section fixed frame;
81 mm cross-section casement frame.
Distance between fixed frame and casement frame:
5 mm
Glass rebate cleat:
22 mm
Wall rebate cleat:
22 mm minimum


This system allows implementing: windows, doors with a high degree of thermal insulation.

The drainage system

Pressure equalization chamber and the condensate drain.


The internal and external profiles are connected with insulating inserts. The internal wedge-shaped glass surrounding gasket maintains the right pressure between the glass and the external gasket.

Eurogroove allows you to use accessories from different manufacturers. Central seal cavities provides an additional sealing and insulation.

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